E.G.S. Shipping Agency Co.


· Transit passages through the Bosporus and Dardanelles

· Customs, Harbor Master, Sanitary and Immigration Clearance

· Supply and Delivery of Provisions

· Bunker & Lubrication oil supply

· Fresh water supply

· Crew change process of airport meeting and transportation

· Port regulations

· Medical attendance on crew members

· Trucking

· Stevedoring

· Providing any kind of grabs

· Heavy lift cranes and equipments for liner in/out operations

· Full liner in/out operations

· Ship repairs

· Technical assistance

· Local knowledge of the area

· Warehousing, packing and bonded cargo

· Shipyard agency

· Pilotage and tug boat assistance

· Spare parts supply and delivery

· Garbage & Sludge removal

· All other services required by master / owner.

Agency service at all Turkish Ports and Straits

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We can offer supply of marine lub. oils as well as a comprehensive Shell marine lubricants portfolio including high-performance diesel-engine cylinder oils, trunk-piston engine oils, environmentally sensitive lubricants and specialist greases. 

Marine Lubricants