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Tel:0212 251 41 99
Egs Shipping
Fax:0212 252 55 78

According to the local regulations and  practice VTSC do not allow vessels having technical  defect/difficulty/failure/breakdown/etc passing thru Turkish Straits.  VTSC requires the technical failure to be repaired, Class report about  her seaworthiness and Port State Control to be conducted on board before  entering the straits. As the result, we expect delay on those vessels.  Please contact and liaise with agent immediately for further details in  case of any technical failure, to avoid any further complicated issues.  PSC is free of charge for the first visit only, and in case any further  visit to the vessel required Authorities charges for each call based on  official tariff.
As per local practice and regulations VTSC is  authorized to order tugboat assistance/towage service, pilots (On ships  account) in case of any technical failure, collusion, grounding,  accident etc during the passage thru Turkish Straits.
If Vessel fails  within the navigational area VTSC allows maximum 2 hours to recover the  failure by the ship, otherwise may order towage service. In case of  collusion or grounding, immediate diver’s technical report required.  Towage and Salvage is under the monopoly of Turkish State Salvage  Company which applies TOF (Turkish Open Forms). All the masters are  obligated to inform VTSC in case emergency immediately, and since  different procedures are applied based on the location of the incidents,  local agent to be contacted immediately for further procedures.

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