Lubricants - E.G.S. Shipping Agency Co.

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Tel:0212 251 41 99
Egs Shipping
Fax:0212 252 55 78


“As part of our diversified assistance  to ship owners and operators, we deliver lubricants to allships, either  in combination with a bunker supply or as an additional service”

E.G.S.  Shipping Agency can supply vessels with a full product line of major or  independent lubricants’ brands, giving comprehensive global coverage  and large customer choice.

We  offer lubricants either on a contract or a spot supply basis. As with  bunkers, competitive pricing is achieved through specialized know how  and significant economies of scale.

E.G.S.  Energy’s non bureaucratic structure allows for a quick and sharp  decision making process essential in constantly fluctuating paper and  physical markets.

By  limiting your exposure through arbitrage, you minimize the effects of  volatile bunker prices and benefit from increased competitiveness and  stability.

Trades  include spot transactions and long term supply contracts. Our  flexibility and speed of response reflect the non bureaucratic structure  of our decision making process.

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