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Other General Applications

Due to local regulations, any kind of  contact (except sanitary inspection and pilotage) to Cypriot Flag/owned/managed vessels is forbidden by local authorities. Dangerous  cargo carriers over 200 meters are subject to day time passage thru  Turkish Straits, and during the passage of daylight restricted vessels,  the passage of other vessels may be delayed/postponed by TSVTSC.
Overloaded vessels are prohibited to transit through Turkish Straits.
Air Draft restriction : 58 meters (Over 53.99 m vessels are subject to special permission)
LOA Restriction : 299.99 meters (over 300 meters are subject to special permission)
Draft  Restriction : N/A for vessels, but draft more than 15 meters may  require early application than usual practice (SP1 Report is required 96  hours advance).
P&I Club Coverage : (For over 500 GT Vsls) must  cover salvage, wreck removal, pollution, and damage to the environment,  damage to the collided objects, injuries and death of third party  persons etc.
Transit Anchorage : Vessels are allowed to stay at the  anchorage only for 48 hours (unless ordered by VTSC). Staying at the  anchorage more than 72 hours are subject to anchorage fee.
IMCO  Cargo : Vessels containing dangerous cargo under IMO IMDG code  1-2-3-5.1-5.2-6.2-7 and with dangerous gas are considered as dangerous  cargo carrier, therefore VTSC treats those vessels as tanker with IMCO 3  cargo on board which may result some additional condition during  passage, including daylight restricted passage thru Dardanelles and  Bosphorus.
Please contact agent for further details.
It is  suggested to contact VTS Authorities for proper anchorage as per  applicable rules/regulations and under water natural gas, electricity,  fresh water, telephone etc pipelines that may be damaged by ship’s  anchor and maneuverings.
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